Management of Logistics Service Providers A Situational Approach

Jacobsen, Sven-Erik
Erschienen: 2008
1. Auflage
ISBN: 978-3-937236-79-7

Logistics Service Providers

Management of Logistics Service Providers

A Situational Approach

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  • Research Methodology
  • Conceptual Framework
  • System Model
  • Design Fields
  • Empirical Analysis
  • Derivation of Design Recommendations
  • Conclusion and Future Research

Companies increasingly outsource non-core activities to specialist suppliers and service providers firms. This is especially true for logistics functions. There is a depth of skills required for excellence in the rapidly changing supply chain management environment. These skills relate to the direct capabilities of all involved partners, especially the shipper and the logistics service provider, but also to the management of the involved logistics service providers as the central linking element between them.

This book centres on the development of a situational approach to the management of logistics service providers throughout a logistics cooperation life cycle. The management elements are developed along the information- and decision phase, the agreement phase, the processing- and controlling phase as well as the adjustment phase. On the basis of case studies the practical relevance of the resulting procedure and design recommendations is challenged.

This book is intended for academics as well as practitioners who are involved in analysing and designing optimised supply chain structures.